Hyaluronic Acid AKA No Filter Required Serum

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This is our "go-to" product because hyaluronic acid is proven effective in plumping skin, smoothing fine lines & skin irregularities. Hyaluronic acid can hold 1000 times its weight in water and can retain up to 370% more moisture than collagen. Whoa! This serum is made to be worn alone, under a moisturizer cream or oil, under makeup as a primer, or mixed in with another serum for extra hydrating and anti-aging benefits!

 What's special about this product?

  1. MULTI-MOLECULAR WEIGHT - This serum contains multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid - both high and low MW. This allows for penetration to the dermis layer of the skin; below 500 Daltons. Compared to many other serums that use only synthetic high molecular weight HA that sits on the surface of the skin allowing no penetration, potency, or results.
  2. SCIENTIST FORMULATED  - Our formulation is optimized for best results at 2% non-synthetic, multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Other serums can use too little synthetic, high molecular weight HA (1.5%), and some use too much HA that can cause skin irritation at over 3%.
  3. NON FORMALDEHYDE RELEASING, NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Many serums use formaldehyde releasing ingredients to preserve their water based product. This can be carcinogenic and harmful for the body. We have formulated our product with aspen bark extract and a natural, probiotic ingredient to protect the integrity of the product and your health!
  4.  BONUS - 10% of all our proceeds goes to NAMI- National Alliance on Mental Illness. We believe not only in providing healthy skincare options, but also helping the community around us! Check back for our next organization we will donate to!

Each product is carefully crafted in small batches for highest quality, using premium ingredients to promote healthy, supple skin. This product is pure, clean, natural, non-GMO, vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, pH balanced, Black & woman owned, and made in the USA.

We hope you enjoy!