Our Story

Get to Know AKA Skincare

The Problem:

As a consumer I never knew what all the ingredients and chemicals meant in my skincare. It wasn't until I developed an allergy that I started researching what every ingredient was and I came across many that I was not allergic to, but definitely did not want to put on my sensitive, acne-prone skin. I had a hard time finding products and tools that actually worked to soothe, heal, and restore my skin. From doing my own research, working with the biology of my skin, and mixing my own products AKA Skincare was born. I find that the skincare industry needs more clarity - what are each of the ingredients in a product, in layman's terms? . . . not everyone is a scientist. What are the chemicals? What is the purpose of each ingredient? Etc.


The Solution:

AKA Skincare looks to lift the veil and explain the unknowns to consumers when purchasing skincare products. Our goal is to be a trusted skincare brand for clarity, natural ingredients, and education. I worked to create a company that has integrity not only in it’s ingredients, but also in it’s business plan. That’s why 10% of all proceeds go to a charity every quarter. Having the privilege to give back to the community is my ultimate measure of success. 2020 has been quite a crazy year, but I hope AKA Skincare can be a source of clarity in the skincare arena, so all you have to worry about is living your best skin-health life! I hope you enjoy!


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